Google Duplex to disclose its artificial nature in calls

LG Electronics Inc, Xiaomi Technology Co Ltd and other smartphone makers will begin integrating artificial intelligence into devices so that users can pull up reviews for a piece of clothing by holding their cameras up to it.

The new Google Assistant feature, which was announced and demo earlier this week at I/O has been met with mostly mixed reviews since being announced. The first inklings of this already exist in Alexa and Google Assistant, but there's a long way to go. And for the small businesses which do not have enough customers so that the Digital Assistant can help them make appointments with the customers. There is also a feature that the company explains will help teach "good manners".

Speaking to The Verge, Google representatives noted that it believes people should be informed when they're speaking to an AI, although it wasn't sure yet about the optimum way to do that, since people might hang up immediately if informed they're speaking to a robot. Now, Google has clarified that its experimental Duplex system will have "disclosure built-in". The only question in the minds of technology experts is how this disclosure can be implemented.

These new features will not be the final ones from Google created to help make people shut down their phone for just a little while.

In recent years, Google has taken steps to improve the security of Android, including releasing its own monthly security updates. He also played another recording of a call made to a restaurant by the virtual assistant to reserve a table at a restaurant.

In the call, Duplex tells the employee answering the phone at the salon that it intends to book a woman's haircut for a client at 12pm. Still, even with today's state of the art systems, it is often frustrating having to talk to stilted computerized voices that don't understand natural language. Google has bundled the Android P with lots of features and major enhancements under the hood.

But should this leap in technology concern us? And that is where the problem lies. Google CEO Sundar Pichai, at the I/O 2018 keynote showed off Duplex that sounds extremely human-like, making sounds like "uh" and "mmhmm" during phone call reservations.

How Google, a pioneer in fields such as AI, handles such ethical dilemmas will determine the level of trust and confidence that people will have in such technologies moving forward, as their flexibility of application promises far-reaching consequences for the human race.

People are talking: Once people had a little time to listen to the sample calls, many were less than thrilled.

However, this is not to say that a technology like Duplex is evil and will bring about an AI apocalypse.

We need to use our phones less.

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