Gas Prices still remain high in Lima region

AAA: 2018 summer driving season could be most expensive in years

Will pause in upward spiral of gas prices continue?

The highest ever in the River City, within the last five years, was back in 2013 when the average price was at $3.72.

According to a Monday press release from AAA, Sunday's national gas price average stood at $2.81, while Tennessee's gas prices stood at $2.59.

Gas prices are holding steady for now, but they're expected to rise.

Monday's average prices for South Central Ohio was $2.645. But the price was as low as $2.53 at many stations across the area. "While we may not be out of the woods yet, especially with President Trump mulling over the Iran nuclear deal, it's possible we're very close".

Renewed economic sanctions against Iran could send already skyrocketing gas prices even higher, according to an analyst with AAA.

Domestic crude production will likely see continued growth through 2018 - supported by a steady increase in active oil rigs.

The national average has been steady since last week at $2.81.

About half the pump price of gas is determined by the price of oil.

An organization spokesman says crude oil prices topped $70 a barrel on Monday, and geopolitical tensions have forced the market upward.

AAA reports drivers are paying $3.232 per gallon in OR, which is 50 cents higher than 2017, and $3.322 in Washington.

Sanctions on Iran could put gas prices as high as $3 a gallon this summer, DeHaan said. However, if demand spikes during summer months, prices are likely to follow. The national average price today is 15 cents higher than a month ago ($2.66) and 46 cents higher than a year ago ($2.35). On June 1, retailers must make the switch to selling the summer-blend gasoline.

"The possibility of stable fuel prices is welcome news for the many drivers who have experienced nothing but pain at the pump since the beginning of the year", he added.

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