IDF attacks Iranian targets in Syria in retaliation for rocket fire

Iranian forces in Syria fire rockets at Israeli targets in Golan

Iran attacks Israel with rockets after deal torn up

Syrian regime air defence systems also fired missiles at attacking Israeli aircraft.

Pro-Syrian media said Syrian missiles then fired at Israeli forces.

Israel declined to comment.

"We are trying to avoid at all costs direct military action with Iran, but Iran's behavior such as this can not continue".

Ties ebbed with the outbreak of the Syrian war in 2011, when the Hamas leadership-in-exile left Syria amid President Bashar Assad's crackdown on Sunni Muslim rebels, many with ideologies similar to those of the Muslim Brotherhood, the parent movement of Hamas.

Israel says the targets included weapons storage facilities, logistics centers, intelligence sites and logistic sites used by elite Iranian forces in Syria. He says no one was harmed in Israel and all the rockets were either intercepted or fell short.

The Syrian NGO Observatory for Human Rights, which has informants on ground, indicated that a base located west of Homs, in center of country, under control of Shia Lebanese militia of Hezbollah, and anor in Maadamiyat al Sham, west of Damascus and with pre Presence of Iranian forces, were attacked.

On relations with the United States and Russia: "It shouldn't be taken for granted that we have the ability to talk and consult with the two biggest powers at a moment's notice".

Russia's foreign ministry said on Tuesday it was "deeply disappointed" by Trump's announcement that the United States would pull out of the Iran deal, while Netanyahu strongly supported the U.S. president's "bold" move. If it wanted, Moscow could significantly limit the Israeli Air Force's freedom of action, either by supplying advanced air defences to Syria or by using its own assets already located in the country.

After the talks with Putin, Netanyahu sounded upbeat. Waves of missiles followed.

There are some 5,000 US troops in Iraq training Iraq's military after the country declared victory over the Islamic State group previous year. Thousands of militiamen armed, trained and financed by Iran - mostly from Lebanon's Hezbollah movement, but also Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen - have also been fighting alongside the Syrian army.

After destroying dozens of Iranian targets in Syria, the IDF deemed the military airstrikes "a great success". Hours later, state-run Al-Ikhbariya TV broadcast a live feed of Syrian air defenses firing into the sky above the capital, and loud explosions and air defense firing were heard through the night.

Underscoring that Tuesday's air strike is merely a foretaste of what is to come, an Israeli government defence official told Haaretz, "The strikes on the Iranian missiles in Syria are a drop in the ocean".

The Israeli military said 20 rockets were fired by Iranian Revolutionary Guards at its positions overnight. We do not interfere in the civil war.

White Home press secretary Sarah Sanders discusses New York Occasions" report about Pompeo being "miles away" and Trump's choice to drag the US out of the Iran deal on "The Story'.

Going against advice from European allies, he said he would reimpose economic sanctions that were lifted when the deal was signed in 2015. On Sunday, Israeli media began reporting unverified allegations of an Iranian plot to strike targets in Israel.

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