Google Just Fixed the Biggest Maps Problem with This Brilliant Idea

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. | The Latest: Google adding augmented reality feature to Maps

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The new Google Maps, in the coming months, will become more assistive and personal that will help users figure out what they'd like to eat, drink and explore irrespective of their location.

It is also being reported that Google Maps will also use the machine learning and data to automatically match the user with new places and venues around the town. Once a decision is made, reservations and even rides can be booked via Google Maps.

There is also a new "For you" tab to stay on top of the latest and greatest happening in the areas.

Google Maps is also adding a feature that will help groups of friends coordinate their interests.

Finally, the new version of Google Maps will make it easier to make plans with friends to go out.

In a demo at Google's I/O developer conference today (May 8), Google executives show how a phone's camera can use AR features to augment directions. With this, Google Maps will recommend a spot for you to check out, with an associated match percentage with it. Let's say you love hot dogs. Right now, you've got a blue dot on a map, but you're on your own when it comes to orienting yourself on which direction to start walking. To do this, Google developed what it's calling VPS, Visual Positioning System, which improves upon the typical GPS experience by analyzing the landmarks around the user to determine the exact location. However, there is no information as to when the AR direction feature will be rolled out by the tech giant for its Maps.

Based on your preferences, Google Maps will clue you in on new openings, pop-ups from your favorite chefs, or keep you up to date on restaurants building some buzz in neighborhoods or cities you choose to follow.

The redesigned Explore tab will show you everything that's new and interesting nearby.

The new features for the Google Maps are said to be available for the Android and iOS by the end of this summer.

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