Gov. Greitens files motion to waive jury trial

Mark Sableman an attorney for KMOV talks Thursday to reporters after a judge barred cameras in the courtroom during Gov. Eric Greitens' trial

Missouri legislature calls special session amid Greitens scandal

Lawyers for Gov. Eric Greitens have filed another request to have Circuit Judge Rex Burlison decide the governor's invasion of privacy charge instead of a jury, claiming that "constant negative publicity. has destroyed any chance of obtaining a fair jury".

Greitens, a former U.S. Navy Seal commando and onetime rising star in the Republican Party, has come under mounting pressure from Missouri politicians of both parties to resign since becoming embroiled in a sex scandal stemming from an admitted extramarital affair with a hairdresser.

Greitens was indicted in February on a single count of criminal invasion of privacy for allegedly taking a compromising photo without the consent of the woman with whom he was involved and threatening to blackmail her with it.

The report says a former Greitens' campaign aide testified he was deceived into being listed in an Ethics Commission settlement as providing the charity donor list to Greitens campaign.

The special session gets underway May 18, just days after the governor's first felony trial begins.

The judge has denied a request for a so-called bench trial once already.

Senator Brian Munzlinger did not sign the petition.

"The call of this historic act is for the sole objective to consider the findings and recommendation of the House committee, including disciplinary actions against Governor Greitens", Richardson said. Following the initial news reports about the allegations, the governor became the target of investigations by the state attorney general, a St. Louis prosecutor and a house committee.

The special session required three-fourths of the members of the senate and three-fourths the members of the house.

The session will focus on possible discipline for Greitens in connection with an investigation being conducted by a special committee.

Republican Rep. Bryan Spencer, of Wentzville, said Friday he initially signed the petition a couple of weeks ago "to find out what the truth is" about the allegations against the governor.

It was the second stunning report from the House panel.

A special House committee investigating Greitens released a report Wednesday alleging the governor misused a list of charity donors from The Mission Continues, a charity he founded, for his gubernatorial campaign. She alleged that Greitens had restrained, slapped, shoved, threatened and belittled her during a series of sexual encounters in 2015, at times leaving her crying and afraid.

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