North and South Korean time zones get in sync

China wants peace deal for Koreas

North and South Korean time zones get in sync

That's where Kim met with South Korean President Moon Jae-in last Friday - a summit that has paved the way for the USA president's planned face-to-face with Kim. "We will lose confidence that if war breaks out, we can win."...

Trump also addressed the ongoing negotiations for the release of three U.S. prisoners in North Korea. Some 28,500 US forces are based there, a military presence that has been preserved since the Korean War ended in 1953 without a peace treaty. "Much of the reason they are staying here will be gone".

South Korea (which is nine hours ahead of GMT) had also moved away from Japanese time in the 1950s, but it switched back again in the 1960s.

Six South Koreans are also being held in North Korea, but their status remains uncertain despite an otherwise successful inter-Korean summit last Friday.

"Recovery time is the first practical step taken after the historic third meeting between the DPRK and South Korea at the highest level to accelerate the process of unification of the North and South and the transformation of their differences in common objects", - stated in the message.

"We're doing very well with the hostages, we're in constant contact with the leadership, we're in constant contact with North Korea", the president said on the tarmac at Joint Base Andrews. It remains unclear if Kim has relaxed that demand as he turns to diplomacy with adversaries after a year of escalating tensions.

President Donald Trump is expected to meet Kim in the coming weeks.

United Nations aviation agency directors will visit North Korea next week to discuss an earlier request by Pyongyang to open new air routes to South Korea, the organization said in a statement on Friday.

President Donald Trump is touting his administration's tough approaches to North Korea and Iran.

"I think a lot of great things will happen but troops are not on the table", he said, referring to the ongoing negations with North Korea.

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