Nearly 3 Million Pennsylvanians Impacted by Facebook Privacy Breach

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Facebook's Clear History Privacy Option: Boon or Sop?

Are Cambridge Analytica and its parent SCL Elections as dead as they seem? Cambridge said it had been losing clients and facing mounting legal fees in the wake of the scandal.

Newsweek reported a separate filing that Emerdata later registered a change of address with Companies House on February 13.

It's worth noting that despite the apocalyptic language of Cambridge Analytica's statements, United Kingdom reports indicate that another "data processing" business, Emerdata Ltd., has been registered at the same address as Cambridge parent company SCL Elections, with Emerdata and Cambridge Analytica sharing several managers and investors. Other Emerdata directors include people associated with Cambridge Analytica.

Facebook has been conducting a broad review of its business to identify ways to close potential security holes and, more broadly, regain the trust of users and improve their experience. This action was taken after a whistleblower claimed Nix set up a "fake office" in Cambridge to present a more academic side to the company, and made comments to undercover reporters that "do not represent the values or operations of the firm and his suspension reflects the seriousness with which we view this violation".

Founded in mid-2017, Emerdata has been rather active since Cambridge Analytica hit the headlines earlier this year, including official filings as recent as yesterday.

Cambridge Analytica announced Wednesday that it was shutting down, blaming "unfairly negative media coverage".

Ms Denham said senior figures in Facebook had "so far" been co-operating with the inquiry.

He added: "Even if the name plate on the door changes, we are still able to pursue the former directors of SCL and Cambridge Analytica".

Emerdata is funded by Robert Mercer, an investor in Cambridge Analytica and his two daughters Rebekah and Jennifer Mercer, have also joined Emerdata as company directors. After stumbling upon many privacy-related issues, Facebook is up for developing a privacy tool option that will let the user delete their browsing history from Facebook's servers, which according to the company will leave no trace of user's data that may connect it with the account. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was grilled by senators from both parties last month over the Cambridge scandal and Russia's use of the social media platform to interfere with the 2016 election. Collins this week repeated that, insisting that he needs to come clean on 40 questions Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer failed to "fully" answer last week.

The Federal Trade Commission in the USA, meanwhile, also is investigating Facebook.

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