Facebook's Oculus Go VR headset now shipping to Canada

Oculus Go Shows Up on Geekbench

Oculus launches standalone VR headset that doesn't require a PC or wires for $200

The pre-order begins for the Oculus Go stand-alone VR headset just hours ahead of the Facebook F8 2018 developer conference kicking off May 1 in San Jose. In order to solve this problem, the Oculus Go was announced late a year ago and does not require a PC or smartphone, and instead functions as a stand-alone unit.

However, as of Tuesday morning, the $199 Oculus Go appeared to have already sold out as the Amazon listed it as now unavailable. The Go, unlike the Rift or the Gear VR, doesn't need to be tethered to another device.

Unlike other VR headsets, Facebook says the Oculus Go is a "true standalone" wearable, in that it doesn't require any help from a PC or smartphone. This combined with the $200 price tag, a relative bargain compared to the Rift and Vive, could make the Oculus Go a popular solution. It comes in two configurations, one with 32GB of storage space, and one with 64GB of storage space.

Facebook is expected to drop a new VR headset when its F8 developers conference kicks off today.

A savvy Reddit user spotted dozens of boxed Oculus Go headsets at a Best Buy in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Now it's listed as "Currently Unavailable" and Amazon won't take any more orders, though the retailer will notify you when that changes. Oculus said there would be support for "certain games", but only mentioned one, Catan VR.

"For the first time, Oculus brings you a truly standalone VR headset-with no additional hardware, computers, or devices required". The device doesn't have the ability to track the wearer if they start walking around or even sit or stand up (what's referred to as "inside-out tracking"), meaning they'll have to remain seated to play games or watch content, unlike with the Oculus Rift.

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