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A Higher Loyalty

Wednesday night on a CNN town hall event, former FBI Director James Comey said he was "embarrassed and ashamed" by the Republican Party in the era of President Donald Trump.

"Do you think there's any credence to the president's claim that you broke the law when you released your memos?" asked WIlliam and Mary senior Evelyn Lawhorn, referring to memos about his conservations with Trump that Comey gave to a friend after he was sacked. It's co-hosted by the Student Assembly at William & Mary.

Throughout his book, Comey keeps returning to his distaste for bullies of various kinds - in a clear hint that he also views Trump's behavior as bullying.

"He said he had spoken to people who had been on the Miss Universe trip with him and they had reminded him that he didn't stay overnight in Russian Federation for that", Comey wrote in one memo.

"There have been a lot of parents that have told my classmates and myself not to take this class. People get really politically involved", she said.But no matter what people think of him, he certainly has their attention.

He continued, "My question for Republicans is, so, where is that?"

"Where is that commitment to character and values?" he said.

"I see the Republican Party, as near as I can tell, reflects now entirely Donald Trump's values", Comey said on ABC's "Start Here". "You lose this, exactly what are you?"

When Cooper mentioned that Comey had previously said he thought the US might be better off with Hillary Clinton as president, Comey specified that he had made those comments based on leadership values. "It doesn't reflect values at all".

Trump's defenders, as well as arguing that Comey is grinding a personal ax because he lost his job, often also make the point that the President's critics just don't understand what makes him different and attractive to voters. It's transactional, it's ego-driven, it's in service to his ego.

They were hoping to grab a good seat at Wednesday's town hall meeting.

"The challenge I found was that they wash over you like a wave and even if you disagree, the waves keep coming". "Did you trade a tax cut for the rule of law?'"

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