SAFTU strike expected tomorrow

South African Unions Announce General Strike for Higher Minimum Wage

Interstate Bus Lines to suspend operations tomorrow due to #SaftuStrike

SAFTU and its affiliated unions will embark on the strike in order to protest various new labour laws and the New Minimum Wage (NMW).

According to Craven, it is a national strike, but the march in Gauteng will happen in Johannesburg.

However, there were no reports of workers striking in the area.

"Whoever says farm workers must accept R18 per hour, to those who say mothers raising their children must accept R15, we say it is c**p", Vavi bellowed. Chabalala said this is one of the matters they'll be raising come the day of the strike.

Dlamini said that while many Cosatu members reported to work, there were others who could not as they did not have transport. Saftu is hoping that the public sector unions will join the strike too.

Schäfer said schools should expect some learners to be late for school or miss it altogether due to the strike.

The general public is advised to be cautious in the main areas of the bustling cities where strikes are scheduled and observe safety insofar as possible. Everyone has the right to join this national strike under South African law.

Trade union federation Cosatu has also distanced itself from the planned demonstrations.

The scenes witnessed throughout the country spoke volumes, labour analyst and mining consultant Reagoikanya Molopyane said.

Thousands are expected to march through the streets of major cities like Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Marchers will meet at the Newtown Precinct Park and march to the department of labour, the provincial department of health and the premier's office. In East London, marchers will move to the department of labour while in Queenstown, the march will take place outside the department of labour.

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