Commission on College Basketball issues recommendations for NCAA

The BIG EAST conference suggested going to college for two-years before entering the NBA Draft

CloseThe BIG EAST conference suggested going to college for two-years before entering the NBA

"Too often, these individuals hide behind the NCAA when they are the ones most responsible for the degraded state of intercollegiate athletics, in general, and college basketball in particular", the report says.

This rule can only help the college basketball game. Ten people, including some assistant coaches, have been charged in a bribery and kickback scheme, and high-profile programs such as Arizona, Louisville and Kansas have been tied to possible NCAA violations. "We will continue that process with the member schools of our league as everyone involved works toward solutions to improve our game".

In addition to Jenkins, Notre Dame alumnae Condoleezza Rice served as the Commission's chair.

The commission offered harsh assessments of toothless NCAA enforcement, as well as the shady summer basketball circuit that brings together agents, apparel companies and coaches looking to profit on teenage prodigies.

- Add five public members with full voting privileges to the NCAA Board of Governors, now comprised of 16 university presidents. "I appreciate the multi-level approach addressing areas that can improve college basketball immediately and in the near future". The NCAA's cheating environment is called "toxic" by the commision as it has given colleges great results and rewards in the past. The commission did not take up the idea of paying athletes for the marketing of their names, images and likeness, citing ongoing legal disputes over that issue.

“Theres feeling that the one and done will eliminate a lot of the problems that go on with college basketball in terms of the recruiting piece of it, ” Kent said.

Rice expressed approval for providing athletes with a cut of the commercial use of their names, images and likenesses, which is now before the courts.

The commission emphasized the need for elite players to have more options when choosing between college and professional basketball, and to separate the two tracks. The one-and-done rule was implemented in 2006, despite the success of straight-from-high-school stars such as LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett.

"I'm confident that they're going to be very supportive of that and will be good partners with us", he said. "If you're good enough to play in the National Basketball Association and make millions of dollars a year to take care of your family and people around you then you should be able to do that", said Clift. On draft eligibility rules, however, there was no commitment.

"Now instead of it being below the surface, it's now come up and now they have to deal with it", Dakich said.

"One-and-done has to go one way or another", Rice told The Associated Press. The commission also called for harsher penalties such as five-year postseason bans for offending programs and permanent expulsions for recidivist coaches. That could be worth tens of millions to major conference schools. "You're competing against another school and you heard it when the Federal Bureau of Investigation thing hit, some coaches are really frustrated that they knew for years other schools aren't playing by the same rules, but in the court of public opinion they get compared to them and their jobs are on the line". ESPN reports talks to alter the rule are already underway.

"I think when you're talking about payment for playing, once we go down that road, we become a second or third-tier professional league", Jenkins said.

Allowing agent-athlete communication: It's against NCAA rules for college athletes to hire agents. The commission also called on the NCAA to create a program for certifying agents and added that the NCAA, NBA, and USA Basketball should run its own summer tournaments and control summer events showcasing top talent.

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