What to Expect in Korean Talks

Conservative Abdo Benitez wins Paraguay election                         Read more

Conservative Abdo Benitez wins Paraguay election Read more

According to the BBC, broadcasts of South Korean music and news are aimed at North Korean soldiers near the border to doubt what they're hearing from their leadership.

Turning off the broadcasts aims to "ease the military tension between the two Koreas and develop a peaceful summit atmosphere", spokesman Choi Hoi-hyun told reporters.

Li Jinjun, China's ambassador to North Korea, expressed thanks to the North's leader, stressing his visit to the embassy underscored the two countries' "unbreakable and great friendship", according to the report.

Some Pentagon officials have privately expressed skepticism about Kim's sincerity, noting North Korea's long history of failing to live up to deals negotiated with the United States, including accords struck by the administrations of former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Mr. Trump cited the memory of Otto Warmbier, a 22-year old American student, who was released last year after spending time in a North Korean prison and died just days later.

Chinese tourists make up about 80 percent of all foreign visitors to North Korea, says a South Korean think-tank, the Korea Maritime Institute, which estimates that tourism generates revenue of about $44 million each year for the isolated country. This process, however, could easily be disrupted if the North asks for excessive rewards for partial disarmament steps or the country fails to let outsiders inspect military bases or other sensitive places with possible nuclear weapons. Earlier Monday, Pentagon officials declined to respond to questions about Kim's announcement on April 20 that he would suspend his nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missile programs to focus on economic development.

"It is the job of South Korean President Moon Jae In to lay the groundwork for the U.S".

In a statement on social media, Donald Trump wrote, "This is very good news for North Korea and the World - big progress!".

Failure to reach a nuclear agreement would raise serious questions about the sincerity of Kim's recent outreach to Seoul and Washington and rekindle the fears of war that spread across the Korean Peninsula previous year.

Kim accepted a U.S. This certainly will not create anything like an alliance between the US and North Korea.

It could be argued that North Korea retains a significant deterrent in its long-time ability to devastate the South Korean capital of Seoul with its artillery, which could result in millions of casualties.

He also said he intends to free the three remaining USA detainees in North Korea. A broad-based plan for cooperative activities in North Korea would provide incentives for the Kim regime to comply with the hard commitments and strict verification and monitoring that will necessarily be part of a serious denuclearization agreement. He added that he's looking forward to his upcoming summit with Kim.

Despite those sanctions, it remains North Korea's sole ally, providing an important economic and political buffer against worldwide opprobrium. In declaring that he will not repeat the mistakes of past governments, Trump "means the US will not be making substantial concessions, such as lifting sanctions, until North Korea has substantially dismantled its nuclear programs", a senior White House official told the Wall Street Journal on Sunday.

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