Some Google services are also now being blocked in Russian Federation

Google confirms some of its own services are now getting blocked in Russia over the Telegram ban

Data war: Russia's Federal body Roskomnadzor bans Google IPs related to messenger app Telegram

RKN, however, has instructed cloud Telegram cloud providers and App store distributors like Apple and Google to remove Telegram from their app stores, however many see this order as dictatorial, Andreev said that Russia's continuous ban of apps and services could turn out with some negative repercussions.

Google services affected in the region include Search, Gmail, and push notifications for Android. It was sanctioned after it refused to hand over encryption keys, which could be used to unscramble messages, to Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB).

Google's comments come on the heels of RKN itself also announcing today that it had expanded its IP blocks to Google's services.

Russia's communications regulator blocked some Alphabet Inc. internet addresses, blaming the US owner of Google for helping Pavel Durov's Telegram Messenger LLP service evade government blocking.

Writing on Twitter, the watchdog said it has blocked a range of Google applications in the aftermath of the Telegram ban. Google said it's aware of reported problems with user access.

The Russian justice system has sided with security services in rejecting the Telegram messaging app's claim that private correspondence on its platform is guaranteed by the constitution.

On Sunday, the stakes were raised by Roskomnadzor by declaring it had included an unspecified variety of Google internet protocol address utilised by Telegram into this sign up of internet sites.

According to ABC News, Roskomnadzor implemented a nationwide block on eighteen networks - including those from Amazon and Google - that it suspects Telegram of using to bypass its recent ruling.

Caught in this game of digital chicken is apparently some of the other services that use Google Cloud and Amazon's AWS, like Twitch and Spotify. On April 22, Telegram invited Russian users to launch paper airplanes out of the windows to support free Internet, which is timed to the seventh day of messenger's blocking in Russia. Google has confirmed that some of its products like Gmail and Search are now not accessible for some of the users in Russian Federation and that they are still investigating the reports.

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