Cuomo Proposes Plastic-Bag Ban, Definitely Not Because of Cynthia Nixon

Cuomo announces plan to ban plastic bags

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Governor Andrew Cuomo introduced on Monday a bill that would ban single-use carryout plastic bags statewide.

Under Mr. Cuomo's proposal, a variety of bags would be exempted from the ban, including those that contains raw meat, fish or poultry; bags sold in bulk; those used in bulk packages of fruit and dried goods; those used for deli products; newspaper bags; trash, food storage and garment bags; and takeout food bags.

Cuomo promised to form a task force to study the plastic-bag issue, which is usually a recipe for doing nothing.

The United States Environmental Protection agency estimates that 80% of plastic pollution in the ocean originated on land. The bill would go into effect on January 1, 2019.

The New York City Council passed a bill in 2016 proposing a five-cent tax for consumers who opt to use plastic bags.

Currently, residents of NY pay around $35 billion each year for electricity and heating fuels, and NY buildings are responsible for 59% of statewide greenhouse gas emissions.

"I view it as lacking", Nixon said of Cuomo's record.

"If we weren't going to make progress on energy efficiency, the truth is we wouldn't get where we want to go with climate change", she said.

Green activists are protesting in Albany Monday to push Cuomo to stop approving any fossil fuel infrastructure, including natural gas power plants, and to expand renewable energy in the state.

In Central New York, Madison County considered a similar ban for plastic bags.

"However, the evidence does not support a ban on plastic with no fee on paper bags", Cherson said in a statement.

Susan Brockmann, one of hundreds of demonstrators who filled the State Capitol on Monday to rally for stronger environmental protections, said that NY should emulate California. "This, coupled with the use of plastic bags made from recycled plastic will have a much greater impact in the long run".

"We need to ban plastic bags - the time for debate on this is over", he tweeted.

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