Languid Stalker Breaks Into Taylor Swift's Home to Nap

Taylor Swift: Creepy stalker breaks into home, showers and naps before arrest Video

Taylor Swift Man Breaks into Home ... Showers and Sleeps in Her Bed!

He was arrested inside the home and charged with stalking, burglary and criminal mischief.

She's been the target of several scary run-ins lately.

Who'd be a pop star, eh?

Police said a Colorado man arrested April 14 outside a Beverly Hills home owned by Swift had a knife, a rope and ammunition. According to the New York Daily News, neighbors saw Alvarado enter the building by breaking a window using nothing but his bare hand. Theis is the second time he's been caught at her apartment. He reportedly took a shower before crawling into a bed and dozing off.

A man has been arrested after breaking into Taylor Swift's apartment in New York City on Friday, ET confirms. According to reports, he was arrested at the same apartment back in February after he's broken down Taylor's front door with a shovel.

Just last week another stalker was arrested after trying to gain access to Swift's Beverly Hills compound.

Luckily, the Gorgeous singer wasn't in the property, as she has not lived there yet. Upon arrest, the authorities found a mask, rubber gloves, a knife, live ammunition, and a black rope in his auto.

Taylor Swift hasn't been home for any of the recent alleged stalking incidents at her homes in California and NY, authorities say. However, she was not home at the time.

Most days, I'd give anything to be Taylor Swift.

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