Berlin to evacuate for disarming of World War II bomb

British 500-Kg World War II bomb disposal to force evacuation in Berlin today

Berlin city centre a 'ghosttown' after WWII bomb evacuation

Thousands of people around Berlin's central railway station were evacuated on Friday to allow disposal experts to defuse an unexploded World War II bomb unearthed on a building site.

In Berlin, a WWII bomb found during recent construction work was defused after police evacuated thousands of people from a central area of the German capital Friday and shut down the main train station.

TRT World 's Ira Spitzer reports from Berlin.

Rail company Deutsche Bahn and other transport operators "have warned of large-scale disruption for trains, trams and buses in the area", says the BBC.

Police posted a video on Twitter showing officers walking up the stairs in an apartment building with the caption, "We're not bringing room service or breakfast in bed but a personal wake-up call".

Unexploded bombs are so prevalent that the city offers a free service to landowners who are seeking to build: a team of researchers will examine old aerial photos and data to determine whether a property may have once been bombed. The city began returning to normal after the all-clear signal was given in the early afternoon.

The Natural History Museum has been closed while parts of the local University have been cordoned off.

British bomb was found during construction work near the city's central train station.

As you know, at the end of the war in Hitler's Germany was dropped over 2 million bombs of various calibres - high explosive, fragmentation, incendiary.

Bomb disposal experts were able to successfully remove the detonator just after 1 p.m. and destroy it in a small controlled explosion.

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