'Cocaine babe' says she did it for Instagram likes

The Australian Border Force discovered the suitcase filled with cocaine

The Australian Border Force discovered the suitcase filled with

A Canadian woman, who has been dubbed "cocaine babe" by the media, has been sentenced to a maximum of eight years in prison for smuggling suitcases of drugs into Australia.

She admitted to the court that she agreed to smuggle the drugs in exchange for the $17,000 cruise vacation she couldn't afford, where she would be able to take selfies "in exotic locations and post them on Instagram to receive likes and attention".

While travelling to their destination on a cruise ship, Roberge and her confessed accomplice, Isabelle Lagacé, posted numerous pictures of their adventure on Instagram. "I doubt she is now the envy of others". Her remorse, thought, was not enough to secure her a kinder sentence: Roberge was sentence to a minimum of four years and nine months in prison, with a maximum of eight years.

In November, Roberge's accomplice, 29-year-old Isabelle Lagace, received a seven-and-a-half-year sentence, of which she will likely serve four-and-a-half-years in Australia, and then she faces deportation to Canada.

But the judge criticised Roberge's "vacuous" decision-making, saying she had been influenced by seeking validation online.

Lagace told the court she took part to settle a debt. She will be eligible for parole by February 2021.

Judge Traill said Roberge was recruited by a wealthy Canadian benefactor, whom Roberge described in court as her "sugar daddy" but never identified for fear of repercussions for her family in Canada, with the lure of a free holiday.

Roberge told the court that she was offered the trip from her Montreal "sugar daddy". He invited her to work as an escort in May 2016 during a trip to Morocco, where he first invited her to join drug-smuggling voyage. Roberge said she believed the cocaine was brought on board during their stop in Peru.

But the judge criticized Roberge's social media motivations for taking the cruise, the Post reported. Luckily for Roberge, she will leave prison while she is still somewhat young, but this is a lesson most assuredly learned the hard way.

Roberge, Lagace, and a third French Canadian, Andre Tamine, 67, were arrested in August 2016 when the cruise ship they were on, the MS Sea Princess, docked in Sydney and their cabins were raided by Australian Border Force officials. He was caught with 60kg of the drug in his cabin.

Roberge and Lagace were flown first-class to the United Kingdom to take the cruise and given first-class cruise tickets worth $20,000.

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