RFD passengers react to faulty flight allegations with Allegiant Airlines

CBS News

CBS News

If 60 Minutes had been interested in current information, they would have reported that today, according to just-released Department of Transportation data, Allegiant is a leader in reliability, with the second-lowest cancelation rate among all US airlines.

In addition, the airport surpassed the two-million passenger mark for the first time previous year.

You probably have used this airline to save money, but a bombshell report says it could be one of the most unsafe airlines in the country. One case involved a former pilot who was sacked after making an emergency landing after smoke filled the cabin.

"You think that's a big red flag?"

"I've used it several times to Phoenix and Vegas and have had zero issues", Gelderman said.

"To suggest that Allegiant would engage in the practice of asking team members to violate company and regulatory obligations is offensive and defamatory", he said. In 2015, in the middle of a contract dispute, Allegiant pilots cited worries about safety, much of them centering on the aging fleet of MD-80 jets the airline operates.

The number of Allegiant's serious safety problems were three-and-a-half times greater than the nation's other major airlines, according to the report. The 60 Minutes report claims the incident was left unreported. The 60 Minutes report referenced a 2015 report from the Tampa Bay Times that found the low-priced carrier made emergency landings at four times the rate of other airlines in the United States.

Other Allegiant customers, however, reported more positive experiences.

Allegiant Air may be able to weather a scathing "60 Minutes" report on the low-price airline's ugly safety record.

The Cedar Rapids, Des Moines and Moline airports offer Allegiant flights.

"I fly out of Stockton all the time to go into Vegas to play ball and never had any problems", said Phipps.

"Had we identified such problems, the FAA would have taken immediate action", the statement read. "Allegiant is very important to us". "The FAA has zero tolerance for intentional, reckless behavior, flagrant violations, or refusal to cooperate in corrective action by air carriers". They also claim the story gained traction due to a disgruntled employee now locked in a lawsuit battle with the airline.

JetBlue, in comparison, flew 117,894 passengers to two destinations in Florida. "They must adhere to FAA rules and regulations and it appears they continue to do that".

However, after the airing and in the internal memo, the airline responded that the segment was a "false narrative".

Officials at the Ogdensburg airport are aware of the 60 Minutes report, but they are saying it doesn't apply here. He says there have been a few delays where the captain wanted something double checked before departing, but no cancellations due to maintenance issues.

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