Secretary of State Nominee Mike Pompeo Testifies at Senate Hearing

Jim Lo Scalzo  EPA via Shutterstock

Jim Lo Scalzo EPA via Shutterstock

Pompeo was asked later whether he'd resign if Trump fired Mueller.

"I'm with the president an terrible lot", Pompeo said. Now the duties of the Secretary of state takes the first Deputy head of the diplomatic Department John Sullivan.

When questioned about this remark, Pompeo waffled, attempting to say his views on gay marriage haven't changed, and mentioned that he didn't discriminate against "married gay couples" while serving as head of the Central Intelligence Agency.

In addition to homosexuality, Booker also grilled Pompeo on his perspective of Muslim Americans. If Pompeo doesn't seem to believe Americans are equal, how will he treat citizens of other nations overseas?

He sought to pre-empt concerns about Trump's apparent unwillingness to challenge Russian President Vladimir Putin directly.

Pompeo said he didn't precisely recall the discussion, but said the suggestion that Trump asked him to do anything improper "is false". Still, he affirmed that he won't support staying in over the long term unless more restrictions are placed on Tehran.

Booker then pressed on, asking repeatedly, "Yes or no, do you still believe gay sex is a perversion?"

U.S. Secretary of State-designate Mike Pompeo asserted Thursday the importance of Washington's arms sales to Taiwan, which he noted is consistent with its one-China policy.

In his testimony, Pompeo confirmed for the first time that he's been interviewed by the team of special counsel Mueller, who is investigating possible ties between Russian Federation and Trump's presidential campaign as well as possible obstruction of justice issues.

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