LeBron plays 82nd game, rests as Cavs lose 110-98 to Knicks

Cavs star Le Bron James

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Meanwhile, King James Gospel's Quenton Albertie said that "LeBron isn't going to sign with the New York Knicks" for a number of reasons, and one of them is the presence of Hornacek as chief bench tactician. The Cavaliers earned their 50 wins the hard way this season. "Come on we all know this". After hearing all of this how can you not crown LeBron as the MVP? Thanks to the emergence of Victor Oladipo as a legitimate star, the Pacers completely exceeded all expectations to finish 48-34.

"It definitely could. But only one person knows what he's thinking and that's 'Bron". "I think we've been nine in the past, but I think it's going to be important to go 10 for us because I like Clarkson being on the floor with a point guard, so that makes us play 10". In season 15, James not only played all 82 games, but he continues to do so at levels very few of his peers, past or present, could even fathom. IN gave James" Heat everything they could handle in three series matchups - taking Miami to six games in the East Semis in 2012 and to seven and six games in the Conference Finals in "13 and '14. If you saw those three dudes at the Y, you'd grab two buddies and feel good about your chances of beating them. In fact, he could have gone to the Pacers this past offseason in a trade for Paul George. Each June, a meeting with the Golden State Warriors was all but guaranteed. "This is a totally new team and we are a new team". James (27.5 points, 9.1 assists, 8.6 rebounds) and Love (17.6 points, 9.3 rebounds) have been the two most consistent options for Cleveland, and it falls on them to lead the team through an Eastern Conference that'll give them issues.

David Fizdale (right) with LeBron James during their stint in Miami.

James, for everything he brings to the Cavaliers, finds himself on a team that is somewhat of an underdog heading into this postseason. He noted that Hornacek's reputation of "butting heads" with his players and his mediocre head coaching record would instantly be a turn off for James. The Cavs, a heavy favorite to move onto the second round, begin another playoff campaign with championship aspirations. The defense has been atrocious, and the chemistry doesn't seem to be there, a side effect of having nearly two full teams take the court in one season.

Cleveland has dealt with a lot of turmoil this season with almost a full team roster transition to accompany LeBron James and Kevin Love.

"I don't have friends on the court anyway", Lance said after practice. But I don't think that stuff will ever stop. "It wasn't the end of the world", he said, "but it wasn't just like heaven, either".

In last season's sweep of the Pacers, he was just ridiculous. "He just doesn't go away".

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