Ex-Mistress Testifies That Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens Forced Himself On Her

Woman says Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens taped hands, blindfolded her before forced sex in basement

'This Is Not A Witch Hunt': Mo. Lawmakers Call For Governor To Resign

The committee began its investigation after the governor was indicted in February.

But Democrats quickly called on Greitens to resign, as did Republican Attorney General Josh Hawley, Democratic U.S. Sen.

The woman's testimony in the report hints at how Greitens was aware in March 2015 of his soon-to-be public image, saying Greitens was communicating with her with a prepaid cellphone and that he searched her purse and belongings for recording devices when she came to his house.

In a press appearance before the latest allegations were released Wednesday, Greitens, a Republican, called the House report a "political witch hunt" five times in eight minutes and referred to "lies and falsehoods", but did not specify what about the report was false, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

Greitens and the woman allegedly ended the affair in October 2015, and she never saw him again, she testified. "I am deeply disturbed by the revelations today and urge Gov Eric Greitens to do what is in the best interest of the people of Missouri and resign".

"I felt as though that would allow me to leave", the woman's testimony reads.

During his first year in office, Greitens issued personal attacks against state senators who went against his will on policy, called the Legislature back for two special sessions, angered senators for his role in stacking numerous boards and commissions with his appointees and, at one point, compared lawmakers to third-graders. Greitens then took off his trousers and coerced her into having oral sex, she told the committee. The report alleges that Greitens initiated unwanted sexual contact and slapped, grabbed and shoved the woman. Then, she said, he spit water into her mouth. The encounter happened before Greitens took office.

Greitens first acknowledged having an extramarital affair on January 10, when St. Louis TV station KMOV ran a story revealing that the lady's ex-husband had launched a secret audio recording of a 2015 dialog throughout which she suggested him in regards to the Greitens took at his home. Greitens will go on trial next month on a felony invasion of privacy charge for threatening to release a compromising photo of his mistress.

"Our proceedings do not rise to the level of criminal charges", she said. Prosecutors beforehand acknowledged that they didn't have the , though they is likely to be attempting to amass it.

She testified that in a single different sexual encounter, Greitens "out of nowhere merely, like type of smacked me and grabbed me and shoved me down on the underside, and I instantly merely started bawling". "And I thought about you, though, and I felt bad, so I erased it'". She anxious that it might have left a mark but did not take a photo at the time.

"I wanted to think that he actually really liked me and wanted to have a relationship with me of sorts", she went on, adding that, at the time, she was also going through a painful separation with her husband.

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