Commonwealth Games 2018, Gold Coast: Purnima finishes 2nd in 100m hurdles

Indian shooter Jitu Rai won a gold with a record-breaking score. Credit Twitter/@Ra_THORe

Indian shooter Jitu Rai won a gold with a record-breaking score. Credit Twitter/@Ra_THORe

A Gold Coast lawyer says the state government should offer reimbursement to local businesses "devastated" by this year's Commonwealth Games.

It came as Grevemberg said Cameroon officials have pleaded for Gold Coast residents, tourists and athletes to come forward with any information regarding the Cameroon athletes that left the village earlier this week.

Officials with the team have said they are "disappointed" and admitted the eight athletes, comprised of five boxers and three weightlifters, are not likely to return.

"But out here, only six of them effectively took part in their respective competitions, while two left without competing".

Six of the eight athletes in question are men, but two of the missing are women.

The Cameroonian athletes are nowhere according to reports meanwhile; they have valid visas until May 15, allowing them to spend another month legally in Australia.

Cameroon team manager Victor Agbor Nso expressed dismay at the news, admitting that it is potentially damaging for the country's image on the global stage and confirming that local police have been notified.

It's not the first time Australia has dealt with cases of missing global athletes, mostly from African nations, suspected of fleeing in a bid to seek asylum. "We need to make sure that we are efficient against the Australians as we might not get too many chances because they are a strong team", said the skipper.

The Cameroonians failing to appear in their events saddened Commonwealth Games Federation chief David Grevemberg. "Nobody knows the direction they have gone", Cameroon team spokesman Simon Lyonga told CNN affiliate Seven News. In 2012, five male boxers, a female footballer and a male swimmer absconded from the London Olympic village. "We would simply take them back to Cameroon". "There are mechanisms in place and they haven't breached their visas".

The largest sporting event to be staged in Australia this decade, the Gold Coast 2018, will feature the largest integrated sports programme in Commonwealth Games history, comprising 18 sports and seven para-sports.

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