Fortnite's Port-a-Fort Will Give You Instant Protection in a Pickle

Credit Epic Games

Credit Epic Games

We don't know the rarity level of the Port-a-Fort item or exactly how it works, so it's too soon to know for sure how it will impact the overall Fortnite experience.

In order to keep the game fresh, Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, have implemented various updates and patches to include new game modes, weapons, items, and other accessories since release, much to the enjoyment of community members. Deploying the item builds a huge fort in seconds that you can use to protect yourself from oncoming fire.

Don't have enough resources or just can't be arsed to build a quick defensive fort?

Port-a-Fort is demonstrated in the video below; the device resembles a glowing ball, which generates a full fort - with metal! - when used. The game usually goes down for maintenance on Thursdays so we probably have to wait until then before the update hits. As with forts created by the player, the Port-a-Fort shrouds the player in protective walls, helping elevate them above competing players while helping protect them from bullets and grenades. "Fortnite" has taken over the gaming lexicon and has changed the way online gaming is played.

It's so game-changing, in fact, that Epic has given the throwable its own mini trailer, which you can check out below.

After all, the Fortnite development team has temporarily removed weapons and items in the past, like the Boogie Bomb and the SMG, so it will likely do the same to address any potential balancing issues the Port-a-Fort may introduce to the game.

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