'Black Panther' Tops $1.3 Billion At Worldwide Box Office

Actors Chadwick Boseman and Lupita Nyong’o are seen in “Black Panther.”

Actors Chadwick Boseman and Lupita Nyong’o are seen in “Black Panther.”

So far the film has grossed more than $1.3 billion worldwide, making it the #10 top-grossing film globally.

Ryan Coogler's Black Panther is still making history almost two months after it first opened in theaters.

The original Home Video version of the Black Panther will also bring a bunch of new items to explore, however there is no any specific details released by the publishers about the home video version of this Superhero movie.

From May 8, viewers can find the digital HD release of Black Panther on iTunes, Amazon, and other online services. But when a powerful old enemy reappears, T'Challa's mettle as king-and Black Panther-is tested when he is drawn into a formidable conflict that puts the fate of Wakanda and the entire world at risk. And as we've already seen from trailers, T'Challa will be coming back, along with Okoye and Shuri and Wakanda itself.

The action in Black Panther is intensified through a musical score by GRAMMY-nominated composer Ludwig Göransson and soundtrack curated and produced by GRAMMY Award-winning global superstar Kendrick Lamar and Billboard Magazine's Executive of the Year Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith. This includes reissues of the films over the years.

The film has now made $665.4 million domestically, which makes the film starring Chadwick Boseman the third-highest grossing film in North American history.

As of this point, extras are unknown, but there had better be a commentary by director Ryan Cooglar! Since the new Avengers: Infinity War movie is releasing this very month, the movie will not be able to do business.

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