What Happened on the Final Show Before WrestleMania 34

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Road to WrestleMania: Daniel Bryan's in-ring return has rescued SmackDown's most muddled storyline

When it comes to WrestleMania, WWE goes all out for the set designs that represent its biggest show of the year. The build has been hit and miss. I, and millions of wrestling fans around the world, are looking forward to this Sunday to witness the WrestleMania 34. I am pretty much only picking the Usos because I have already predicted a lot of title changes at this show.

To WWE's credit, the Alexa Bliss vs. Nia Jax storyline has been simmering beneath the surface for close to a year now.

These numbers are just a few that show how popular this event is. Shane will explain his actions later by saying that he blames Bryan for Owens and Zayn injuring him because if Bryan would've listened to him and gotten rid of Owens and Zayn long ago it would've never happened.

Of course, whenever anyone is being positioned as an undefeated foreign heel, they are destined to fall to the ultimate American hero, John Cena. We'll update as matches conclude. We have almost everything we need to understand how Raw will be represented on Sunday, and despite some of the more sluggish aspects of the last few weeks, Raw is heading into WrestleMania looking damn good. All that stuff. It's going to be a hell of a moment. Cena's last WrestleMania loss came in 2012 when he was defeated by The Rock. Part-timers eventually leave the ring - and just like that, the company has wasted its single biggest marketing night on a cast of characters who won't be back again, forsaking its day-to-day stars in the process. Start with these five indie shows that everyone will be talking about this weekend. And Ronda Rousey will make her WWE in-ring debut. Rousey needs quick success or the murmurs against her will turn to loud jeers.

There's no denying that there are less than compelling aspects to this week's Raw. Despite that, Rousey's progress has largely been kept quiet, and it doesn't help that Stephanie McMahon isn't a full-time competitor herself.

It may seem that only one man has any real chance of winning this match, given the fact that Lesnar's WWE contract is set to expire and he seems intent on returning to the octagon once again - but I can't help thinking that what will likely be the main event of the evening will nearly certainly end in chaos, one way or another. Absolution has nothing of its own going on. That's where they can meet their favorite WWE stars and even legends from back in the day.

It's a shame that this match has been placed on the kick-off show, but it felt inevitable really.

- The same applies to the United States Championship match, which I think will have an even lesser impact on the card. Now technically, he said WWE Monday Night Raw, which opens the door to Brock going to WWE Smackdown on Tuesday nights.

"Fascinating" maybe isn't the right word. I'm going with Alexander still, but don't be surprised to see Ali take the victory either.

Following the ambiguous buildup to John Cena vs The Undertaker, many have questioned whether "The Phenom" would actually appear at WrestleMania 34, but the rumors may have been dispelled. He should be settling into predictability at this point.

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