New York State attorney general to investigate Brooklyn police shooting death

NYPD Shoot & Kill Unarmed Man in Brooklyn

Source ABC News

(Police sources told CBS New York that the officers involved in the shooting were part of a strategic response group and an anti-crime unit, not officers of the 71st precinct.) Chants such as "Our streets, our blocks, we don't need these killer cops", and "No justice, no peace, f*ck these racist police" were heard in the crowd the crowd.

"There is also video from commercial establishments along Utica Avenue that shows a man brandishing what appears to be a firearm - pointing it at people".

In one of the three 911 calls released Friday, the caller says, "He looks like he is insane, but he's pointing something at people that looks like a gun and he's like popping it like he's pulling the trigger".

The man, identified by The New York Times as 34-year-old Saheed Vassell, was pronounced dead at Kings County Hospital.

When police approached, the man "took a two-handed shooting stance and pointed an object at the approaching officers", Monahan said.

"How you get the full facts of what the person has in their hand, and what their mental health condition might be, and are they known to anyone, in something that's playing out in seconds and minutes, that's a very tall order", the mayor reportedly added.

"Officers responding only understood, for the best of our knowledge so far, they were dealing with a situation of someone armed who had been aiming that weapon", de Blasio said Thursday.

Residents told news outlets that the younger Vassell was well-known in the neighborhood as "mentally ill but generally harmless".

Protesters rallied at Montgomery Street and Utica Avenue in Crown Heights Thursday night, where police shot and killed a mentally disturbed man this week. The complaint claimed the mosques attended by one of the plaintiffs, Farhaj Hassan, a New Jersey resident and U.S. Army Reserve member, were under surveillance by the NYPD.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said he had messaged Schneiderman Thursday morning, thanking him for "opening an investigation into the police shooting of Saheed Vassell in Crown Heights. We would say should anything happen to him, we just have to do what we can do", he told the newspaper.

That March 18 incident sparked two weeks of protests and calls for police reform.

ROSE: Monahan says four officers shot Vassell.

According to the transcripts, one caller to 911 reported that Vassell "looks like he's insane but he's pointing something at people that looks like a gun". They always have a choice. They then "immediately" administered aid to him and requested an ambulance. They should not train them to kill.

One tough question in this case - does it fit the narrative of other controversial fatal police shootings of black men?

As per an executive order, the attorney general has the authority to oversee investigations into incidents where unarmed civilians die during interactions with police, or incidents where there is significant question as to whether the civilian was armed and risky. Police said they thought he had a gun, but he was carrying only a cellphone.

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