Salman's bail decision to pronounce on Saturday

Salman Khan

Salman's bail decision to pronounce on Saturday

As per latest reports, the bail plea order pronouncement has now been pushed to 3 pm. Joshi was among 134 judges transferred by the Registrar General of the high court.

Actor's bail plea has been postponed and is now sentenced to five years of imprisonment. Earlier on Saturday, both prosecution and defense arguments were concluded, before the judge announced he would reserve the order till after lunch.

Yesterday Jodhpur Chief Judicial Magistrate Dev Kumar Khatri had sent the star actor to jail. If Khan's bail plea gets delayed, officials are planning to keep him with other prisoners from Saturday, so that he doesn't remain isolated. He has been transferred from Jodhpur to Siroh.

Judge Joshi has been replaced by Chandrakumar Songara who is now posted in Bhilwara.

While his lawyers said they would appeal against the decision with an urgent bail hearing had been scheduled for 10.30am on Friday, Khan would be spending the night in Jodhpur prison. Objecting to the defence counsel's arguments, Public Prosecutor Pokar Ram Bishnoi, however, urged the court to seek the record of the case from the trial court and assess it before taking any decision.

Jaya Bachchan said the punishment was harsh, and added that Khan had done "a lot of humanitarian work".

Salman had a total of four separate cases registered against him in connection with the poaching of blackbucks and chinkara. "We told the court that the eyewitness in the case is not reliable. Also, the first post-mortem report was completely dumped".

However, Mr. Joshi is likely to continue the hearing in Khan's case.

Salman Khan, a 52-year-old baby-faced leading man, was accused by members of the Bishnoi religious sect in western India of shooting at a group of rare antelope on a hunting trip while filming a movie in 1998.

The actor's lawyers pointed out that the trial court also relied on corroborative evidences that had already been rejected by the Rajasthan High Court on July 25, 2016, while acquitting him in two other poaching cases of 1998.

Some of his friends and colleagues visited the actor's family at their home in Galaxy Apartments in Mumbai. The court was circled by fans, and police had to be called to keep these fans in control, who love him for his roles in the film as well as the bad boy image.

"He (Khan) was given normal jail diet like Dal chapatti and the morning meal will include simple khichdi, also he will have a simple wooden bed, a rug and a cooler in his cell, Singh said".

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