Lorde is Sorry She Captioned a Bathtub Pic With Whitney Houston Lyrics

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Backlash over 'idiot' Lorde's Whitney Houston 'death joke' Instagram post forces songstress to apologise

In the next post, she added, "It is not my fckn day today", with a head exploding emoji, a crying emoji and a hand-over-the-mouth emoji.

The same Whitney Houston that died after drowning in her bathtub in 2012.

After realizing the implication, Lorde posted on her Instagram story that she was "an idiot". Love Whitney eternally and ever.

Lorde's Instagram followers were quick to call her out for her post.

An autopsy later discovered she has traces of cocaine, marijuana and prescription medication in her system - though ex Bobby Brown insists she died of a broken heart. She was a strong black woman.

Other social media users defended the star, insisting she would never mock Houston on objective.

"Honey. This is. really really bad", whilst another wrote, "*sees how she unintentionally and remarkably coincidentally referenced Whitney Houston + daughter's death* Me: "'Oh. Wow. "I would say cancel her, but canceled folks just end up being more successful in the long run".

Lorde apologizes for posting bathtub picture.

"Supercut" singer Lorde is now in hot water after a seemingly harmless, but offensive post on social media this week.

After the singer began to receive criticism online, Lorde also responded in the comments on the Instagram page for The Shade Room.

"She's exclusively 21 and possibly does not even KNOW the small print as she was a toddler when it occurred, I certain as hell did not". After several more weeks in North America she's headed to the UK, Europe, Asia and South America.

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