Hannity Attacks Kimmel, Calling Him An 'A**-Clown' For His Comedy

Fox News

Fox News

Jimmy Kimmel and Sean Hannity, along with others at Fox News, are locked in a nasty feud after a number of commentators at Fox took issue with Kimmel's material on first lady Melania Trump. But they were just following the lead of Sean Hannity, who called Kimmel a "despicable" and disgraceful "ass clown" on Wednesday night for his Melania Trump imitation.

REMEMBER THE LAST time you were called an "ass clown" on live television?

After that, he went into a whole bit about Hannity fantasizing about ass clowns and humping a pillow from the Ivanka Trump collection.

"What is an ass clown?". Or a clown that actually lives in an ass?

Below is the original "Kimmel" clip in which he mocks the first lady's Easter storytime.

If Hannity really had the first lady's interests at heart he'd be using the same words for her lying, cheating, womanizing husband, who has heaped one indignity after another on her.

"Sean Hannity's problem is for eight years, while Obama was president, he was unable to get an erection".

Kimmel then played the Hannity clip on his own late night show and before going to town on Hannity's "erection". Hannity is a pipsqueak in viewership compared to the late night host.

But the fight didn't stop there as Hannity brought the war to Twitter, calling Kimmel "Harvey Weinstein Jr".

Responding to Hannity, Jimmy joked that he spoke six, before saying: "I don't speak ass clown though".

Hannity featured clips Friday from Comedy Central's "The Man Show", which ran from 1999 to 2004 and satirized crude male behavior.

In one clip shared by Hannity of Kimmel on "The Man Show," the host appears to ask a young woman to feel around the outside of his trousers and guess what's in his trousers. "And go get a haircut, you hippie!"

Kimmel responded that every woman in the sketches "WILLINGLY participated" before taking aim at Hannity over his Trump support.

Jimmy finishes the monologue by suggesting Hannity is purposefully deflecting attention onto Kimmel when there are much more important events unfolding in United States politics.

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