New Spider-Man PS4 Gameplay Footage Shows off Web-Swinging Action

Spider-Man confirmed for a 2018 release on PS4

New Footage and A New GameInformer Cover for Insomniac Spider-Man Released

The $79.99 Digital Deluxe edition arrives with a copy of the base game and also gives access to the post-launch DLC story content, that comes with the title Marvel's Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps.

"Spider-Man" is an upcoming PlayStation 4 game now being developed by #Insomniac Games that was first revealed during Sony's E3 2016 press conference. They come with the pre-order bonuses and the Spider-Man game's three DLC packs will each feature at least one suit. Those who pre-order the Digital Deluxe Edition will also receive a physical Spider-Man pin, as long as they live in the USA or Canada.

Game Informer's new issue will have new details on the new Spider-Man game's open world, its missions, side quests, and collectibles. The official PlayStation Blog notes that it's "too spoilery" to reveal now, but "stay tuned". Until then, at least we know when we'll be wall-crawling and web-swinging across Manhattan; and it's sooner rather than later. In terms of art design, Insomniac appear to be borrowing heavily from the Spectacular Spider-Man universe, which certainly is not a bad idea. If you are a Prime member, though, you can get the game for 20 percent off with your pre-order! With the development time and manpower dedicated to Spider-Man, it has assuredly received more than the average focus a licensed game may get. So it doesn't sound like it will be story-driven DLC that completes the story so much as "more adventures starring Spider-Man".

Rich, Kingpin-types, however, might want to bag themselves the $150 Collector's Edition. The standard edition costs $59.99 and is available both in retail and digitally.

Insomniac announced the game back in 2016 at E3 and confirmed that this game is a standalone experience not linked to any of the movies. Shown in the new teaser (above), Peter Parker has a Spider-Punk suit.

The Game Informer cover art, designed by Alex Ross, as well as the trailer, are embedded below.

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