Martin Luther King: Life in dates

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

Fifty years after Dr. King was murdered, the giant evils of racism, militarism, and capitalist materialism he challenged with increasing alarm and anger during his last years should not be disregarded and discounted by resorting to eulogy. "We're still not where we ought to be but at least we're further down the road".

Robinson continued: "From the Montgomery bus boycott that brought a city and industry to its knees to leveraging media as a megaphone for the Civil Rights movements, every day at Color of Change we strive to learn from Dr. King's proud legacy and all those that stood with him". An assassin's bullet ended the life of the 39-year-old activist who had helped advance the cause of African-American rights more in 14 years than it had progressed in the previous 350 years.

The Lorraine Motel is now preserved as part of the National Civil Rights Museum.

The museum's president said America needs to complete King's vision of peace and justice.

Proctor's words, Walker said, "underscore the exemplary nature of why we're drawn back to King - not King as singular individual responsible for the entirety of the black freedom struggle, but King as a representative of the quality of character we admire and those exemplars who push us beyond thinking of our existing reality to live into new possibilities of human being and belonging in the world".

- The nation is remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Wednesday, 50 years after his assassination.

It is why the chorus of USA establishment voices that never miss an opportunity to spout insincere platitudes whenever Martin Luther King's name is raised or his legacy commemorated, are swimming in hypocrisy. "We're going to redeem the soul of America, '" said Georgia Democratic Rep. John Lewis.

She said the diverse nature of the crowd gives her hope that "there may be some coming together of our country, our people, our nation". Kamala Harris, D-Calif.

Throughout the day, Comcast NBCUniversal's livestream will provide viewers around the world with front-row access to the museum's lineup of speakers, performances and tributes from civil rights leaders.

In an uncensored letter to King called "You are done", which was published in The New York Times in 2014, Federal Bureau of Investigation members called him "evil" and an "abnormal beast", describing purported sexual encounters that they alleged took place between King and others. Seeking to prove that non-violent protests still worked, King vowed to lead a peaceful march and returned to Memphis days later.

The civil rights leader was standing on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel when he was shot on April 4, 1968.

Wednesday's events followed a rousing celebration the night before of King's "I've Been To the Mountaintop" speech at Memphis' Mason Temple Church of God in Christ. His son, Dexter Scott King, was seven when his father died.

Chagrined, Ragsdale says, "I had to tell him, 'Dr". "Because he gave his life, he was martyred". The final paragraph reads, "There is only one thing left for you to know what it is", suggesting that death by suicide was his only option.

Arndrea King, wife of the slain civil rights leader's son Martin Luther King III, said she thought her late father-in-law "would be so charged by all of the movements that are underway today", including efforts to quell gun violence and #MeToo campaigns against abuse of women.

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