Apple is Working on Future iPhones With Curved Screens, Touchless Gesture Control

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According to a Bloomberg report, however, the Cupertino-based company has a number of new features in the works in order to differentiate its future models in the coming years. If they do implement curved screens, then they would curve "inward gradually from top to bottom", and not on the sides like Samsung phones.

Until now, every iPhone model released has featured a flat screen. The iPhone X's OLED screen curves slightly at the bottom, but the shape is mostly invisible to the human eye. In addition to normal touch gestures, iOS could detect when you hover your finger over the screen to trigger some actions. Apple is also working on new screen technology, known as MicroLED, but that's at least three to five years away, Bloomberg News reported last month.

Apple knows the smartphone market is becoming more crowded and homogenous, and the company wants to make its iPhones stand out. This feature won't be ready for this year's new iPhones. Apple's design would require gestures to be closer to the screen than with Project Soli, the person familiar with the situation said. This new report is now predicting Apple will continue to push the boundaries of technology and make the relationship between users and their device as seamless as possible.

We're expecting Apple to announce and release its new handsets in September this year.

The feature shares similarities with the Air Gestures capability that Samsung Electronics Co. Back when including everything but the kitchen sink in phones was a thing, Samsung allowed users to control their Galaxy S devices by doing things like waving their hand over the display to scroll.

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