Families enjoy Easter egg hunt at FunworX arcade in Bigenmans

Imitation Fabergé eggs on display in St

Imitation Fabergé eggs on display in St

The event has also proven to be a great partnership for the 1st Binbrook Scouting Movement, who previous year, hosted their first pancake breakfast during the Binbrook Easter Egg Hunt in the Binbrook Agricultural Hall.

Parish "J.R." Johnson turns in the "lucky egg" he found to Gracie Jackson, the chairperson of the Easter egg hunt.

Even though there were thousands of eggs set out, the event was over within 15 minutes.

Staff at Redditch headquartered Workforce Staffing collected hundreds of eggs from staff and clients and donated the chocolate treats to help children in hospital have a better Easter. Kids hunted to find their way to the end of the maze while picking up eggs along the way.

"The community is so supportive of the Lions Club", said Minisan, who also chairs membership for the Lions Club, "and this is our way to give back". And they both had big ideas about how numerous 12,300 eggs they'd grab as they stared out over the ribbon into the area for ages 4-5, waiting for the event to begin.

Not freezing temperatures, nor gusty winds and a muddy field could keep area kids under 10 and their families from coming to Jaycee Park for Saturday's annual Easter Egg Hunt.

Lake Arrowhead Village will host an Easter Egg hunt this Saturday, beginning at 12-noon. Pictured is the younger age division as they hunt for the colorful eggs.

Regarding the egg hunt, Leon said, "It's over in two seconds".

"They make a beeping sound", she said, talking about special Easter eggs, that are the creation of local explosives teams from Kirtland Air Force Base and the APD bomb squad.

One little girl looked a little downcast.

Inside each egg was a variety of prizes from candy to cash, Amador said.

Kids raced around the yard near 950 Field Drive in Noblesville looking for eggs filled with candy and tickets to win prizes.

"I want 100 eggs", he said eagerly. When asked how many eggs she thought she'd get, she quietly said "five".

"Just so she can have some normalcy like a regular kid".

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