Hackers, Facebook will now reward you for this as well

Facebook Knows More Than What You Remember About Yourself! Check What Personal Details FB Has & Shares With Advertisers

Facebook is actually looking into your data

"Because of Facebook's impact on the housing market, we'll ask the court to implement a plan of community education and outreach to housing providers to inform them of their obligation not to discriminate". Okay. And the subsequent deletion of accounts by Elon Musk, Playboy, and other high-profile tech and media figures doesn't make one feel any better.

If you want to see everything Facebook knows about you, just go to the upper right hand corner and scroll down to settings.

Next, under General Account Settings, click on "download a copy of your Facebook data".

In fact, the lesson I take away from this actually goes the other way: It makes me a little more concerned about all the money advertisers have all spent on Facebook ads over the years-because if the information they're showing about me is so inaccurate, who knows what the info on anyone else I've been targeting is like?

After Facebook alerts you, click "Download archive" again, and a zip file will be downloaded to your device.

And there you have it.

People had to "expressly agree" to use the feature and they could turn it off at any time in Settings, deleting all call or text history shared via that app. Yeah, something like that. There have been a lot of different assumptions on the same and people are quick to find out about the type of controversy Facebook is embroiled in.

As I did, you'll jump over the obvious, like the names of your Facebook friends, which are listed already on the social network, along with your posts, photos and the like. Three users of the Facebook Messenger have filed lawsuits against the company for violating their privacy.

They included, ironically, the mobile number of Carole Cadwalladr, the journalist who has blown open the whole story of Cambridge Analytica and Facebook.

I am one of those people and what I've discovered has left me somewhat shocked.

Facebook launches Facebook Connect, aiming to correct Beacon's mistakes by requiring users to take deliberate action before they share activity from other websites when logged in using Facebook.

You will receive an email with a specific link to download the data that Facebook has collected from you. Although I've been on the platform since 2004, I don't use the Facebook app on my phone, I only keep Messenger on my phone for the short periods of time when I absolutely need it, and I manually delete the categories that get listed automatically under my ad preferences - once every few months. But some Android users may have granted that permission without realizing it, before Android tweaked how its permissions work.

What about third-party apps seeing my data?

Before the vulnerability was patched in October 2017, it was collecting phone call and text message metadata as early as 2012, when the Android "Jelly Bean" OS version was introduced, according to the technology news outlet Ars Technica.

Facebook documents the date on which I became friends with everyone I'm "Facebook friends" with.

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