Windows head Terry Myerson to leave Microsoft

Microsoft Services Agreement issues

Low Windows adoption rates means Microsoft could be losing grip on the enterprise

Myerson's departure without a supporting statement may indicate there was a clash between Myerson and Satya Nadella in the direction of Windows.

Microsoft is today releasing Windows 10 Build 17634 to the Windows Insiders opted into the Skip Ahead Ring, and the new build brings no major changes. He oversaw numerous company's products and services, including Windows, Xbox, and HoloLens.

Other new roles announced this week include leadership roles in the following categories: Devices, Windows, New Experiences and Technology, and Enterprise Mobility and Management. Belfiore will continue to be focused on Windows development, particularly across form factors.

The current reality facing Nadella is that Microsoft's mobile strategy in hardware and software failed and tying everything to Windows for a boost didn't help. In the most recent quarter, its Azure business grew 98 percent and its cloud-based Office 365 offering by 41 percent. Azure grew 98% - the 10th straight quarter of better-than-90% growth for Azure.

PC sales have been on the decline for years. Most don't appear to be critical-they fix problems in Microsoft Edge more than anything-but one should be welcome news for anyone who uses BitLocker. The WDG is being disbanded and band leader Terry Myerson is retiring from Microsoft.

Jason Zander is being promoted to executive vice president and will lead the core Azure team, which now also includes all of Windows platform development under Harv Bhela, Henry Sanders and Michael Fortin. In addition, Microsoft is creating an AI Perception and Mixed Reality group, to be led by Alex Kipman. A sizable chunk of Microsoft's future growth plan is predicated on the success of Azure and the landgrab now underway in AI-driven cloud services in which all cloud vendors are heavily investing in hopes of getting an edge over their rivals.

Get Data Sheet, Fortune's technology newsletter. Lastly, Microsoft Edge will be getting progressive web apps which is Microsoft's answer to Chrome's web store.

Microsoft also plans to continue investing into their AI and Research engineering team, which was established approximately two years ago. Rajesh Jha, who now leads the Office 365 team, will be put in charge of the entire Experiences & Devices division.

The AI and Ethics in Engineering and Research (AETHER) Committee will be led by Shum and Brad Smith, Microsoft's chief legal officer.

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