Ahed Tamimi's lawyer: There was never a chance for a fair trial

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17-year-old Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi, who was imprisoned in December for slapping and kicking an Israeli soldier, reached a plea deal with the Israeli military prosecution on Wednesday, and will serve eight months in jail with time served.

Tamimi's Israeli lawyer, Gaby Lasky, said she agreed to the sentence as part of a plea deal with prosecutors that allowed her to avoid more serious charges that could have imprisoned her for years.

However, Tamimi's much shortened prison stay - she will be given credit for time served, leaving her with only five months on her sentence - in no way diminishes her image as the symbol of Palestinian resistance.

Lasky however said she only planned to present the plea bargain to the military court if it first accepts an agreement with Tamimi's mother, Nariman Tamimi.

Yoav Mordechai, the general who oversees COGAT, the bureaucratic arm of Israel's military occupation, claimed that the injury to Muhammad Tamimi's head was caused not by an Israeli soldier's bullet, but by the child falling off his bike - an outlandish story soon debunked by journalists and human rights defenders.

Israelis accuse her family of using Tamimi as a pawn in staged provocations. The indictment covers six incidents in recent months in which she was involved in altercations with Israeli soldiers, including the December 15 slapping incident.

In the video, Israeli soldiers largely avoid reacting to Tamimi besides swatting her hand away.

"The Israeli authorities must stop responding to relatively small acts of defiance with such disproportionately harsh punishments". She has remained in police custody since the incident, after receiving 12 charges, including "assault" and 'incitement'. He said Ahed spends her time doing school work.

Some 27 American cultural figures, including actors, civil rights leaders and sports figures, signed an open letter last month calling for Ahed's release and supporting a bill introduced late previous year in the U.S. House of Representatives called the "Promoting Human Rights by Ending Israeli Military Detention of Palestinian Children Act".

Tamimi's mother, Nariman, and a cousin were also arrested.

Speaking with reporters after the sentencing on Wednesday, Ahed Tamimi said, "There is no justice under occupation".

Tamimi's trial is being conducted behind closed doors, and she is to be detained until the end of proceedings against her.

Worldwide bodies must work to protect Palestinian children and pressure the occupation to stop release the 350 minors it is now holding.

Human Rights Watch criticized Ahed Tamimi's pretrial detention, calling it "both a violation of global law and unnecessary".

Amnesty International released a statement saying the sentence "is a flagrant attempt to intimidate those who dare challenge the circumstances of the ongoing occupation" and Israeli authorities "have no regard for the rights of Palestinian children".

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