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We're going to summarize the content of the Nindies Showcase for all of our readers.

What did you think of the Spring Nindies Showcase? The Banner Saga, as a series, has quietly funded its titles through the platform, with The Banner Saga 3 being the series' final chapter coming to Windows and OSX systems. Lay bombs to escape tricky situations and discover secret areas when Bomb Chicken launches first on Nintendo Switch this summer.

Lovely stealth action platformer by Klei Entertainment is set to release this autumn.

Fantasy Strike (summer): an arcade-style fighting game previously on Steam. That includes the wind, gambling and even time itself. No specifics were given outside of all three making their way to Switch.

Just Shapes and Beats is a "musical bullet hell" game that you navigate around deadly shapes to the beats of a soundtrack made by 20 chiptune artists. The game will feature a story mode, playable solo or with friends, and is set to launch on Switch this summer.

Inspired by classic 80s B-movies, garage is a top down shooter that has you fighting the living dead and almost dead mutants. Players will mow down hordes of undead and mutants with plenty of weapons in this isometric action game.

Everything is a game of pool in Pool Panic, published by Adult Swim Games.

Chicken Platforming? Sure, why not, answers Bomb Chicken! Players can stack bombs to solve puzzles, reach hard-to-reach places or just to see chaotic explosions ensue.

This stylish and rhythmic puzzle game is getting a remastered addition that will feature local multiplayer, which drops on Switch this spring.

Arm troops, shore up defenses and protect citizens in this rogue-lite real-time strategy game. Your choices will bring consequences to your faction.

Light Fall will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Spring 2018, as a timed console exclusive. The game really makes players feel like a ninja, as they use silence, agility and wits to navigate beautifully designed 2D levels.

- West of Loathing (Asymetric): West of Loathing is a slapstick comedy stick-figure Wild West adventure role-playing game.

"Battles in Banner Saga are turn-based, harkening back to the classic "Tactics" days of gaming". There are also over fifty hats to collect so have fun.

Pode: While it can be played single player, two players can control both characters in this cooperative puzzle game inspired by Norwegian culture.

Developed by Sabotage, The Messenger allows players to transform the game from an 8-bit platformer into a rendered 16-bit time-traveling adventure.

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