New York Giants No. 2 pick continues to increase in value

The Jets' Trade Means the Browns Cannot Take Saquon Barkley at No. 1

Dolphins dreams of drafting QB at No. 11 might have died on Saturday, but there's hope

They can draft their potential successor to Eli Manning, select the top player on their board (maybe Barkley?) or get a king's ransom for the pick.

"I am not there yet, knowing if we can or will move up again". They can pick the guy they want in this draft. We're just keeping an open mind.

Despite a nightmarish National Football League combine performance, former Oklahoma tackle Orlando Brown still has the makings of a first-round draft pick. "I'm not ready to pull the trigger". The Bills only signed him to a one-year deal virtually, and bringing in competition will only help a young quarterback improve early on. That gives a blueprint for a Giants-Broncos trade and also means the Giants could really set themselves up for the future if they traded back as far as 12 with Buffalo.

That gives the Bills the Nos.

Right now, Beane comes to the party equipped with the No. 12, 22, 53 and 56 selections (all of which come in the first two rounds). It is likely that they will take a quarterback, given the haul that they gave up.

Let's say the Jets have their sights on Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield, or Josh Rosen.

Doing so likely will require the Bills to get into the top five.

In a draft that features potentially up to six quarterbacks that can be drafted in the first round, the Cleveland Browns are certainly sitting in an enviable position.

NY could also target a corner, running back and a return specialist.

The top three picks in the draft, in order, now feature the Browns, the New York Giants, and then the Jets, making it quite possible that all three of them will select a quarterback, though the Giants are sort of the wildcard.

While the Denver Broncos signed Case Keenum this offseason, they could still be seeking a long-term option at the position with the fifth overall pick. It's a very Herschel Walker-like trade. In the trade, the Jets swapped first-round picks with the Indianapolis Colts and sent the Colts two second-round picks this year and a second-round pick next year. That might not be hard since Beane and Giants G.M. Dave Gettleman are close, but Beane said he still doesn't know enough about the labor pool to make that call, since he and coach Sean McDermott only have a handful of brief combine interviews with the top prospects to go on.

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