Amazon And Twitch Will Now Give Prime Subscriber Free Games Every Month

Twitch Prime adding more free games with monthly subscription

Twitch Prime now offers free games to subscribers announced the Free Games with Prime program, giving Twitch Prime members access to a collection of free games every month.

Like PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold, Twitch Prime will now give away free games to download and keep each month. Leveraging the online retail giant's acquisition of Twitch from three and a half years ago, Amazon is going to start gifting games to Prime subscribers, through Twitch, each and every month.

And with Free Games with Prime, the two services are likely looking at getting more members hooked into their respective ecosystems, with Amazon providing the game downloads and Twitch providing the streaming platform for people keen to show off their gaming escapades in the latest attention-grabbing indie title. Overall, there will be a whopping ten free games between March and April. This new program is sort of an extension of that, only gamers need only be Prime members-there is no requirement to watch a stream or cast a vote.

For those who have been paying to Twitch's Indie Amplifier contest over the past month, most of these games will be familiar.

The merger has already released free games through Twitch, for example, Devil May Cry HD for the PC.

Currently, Twitch Prime customers will be able to get their hands on Superhot and Oxenfree.

A new set of games will be available from 1 April: Tales from the Borderlands, SteamWorld Dig 2, Kingsway, Tokyo 42 and Dubwars.

I have not played Superhot on the PC, but it is one of my favorite titles in VR using the Vive. The Prime subscription costs $12.99/month or $99/year. What they all have in common is the routine delivery of surprise free games for a relatively low monthly price.

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