Emmanuel Macron promises 700 mn euros for solar energy development

The ISA’s five solar programs

The ISA’s five solar programs

The organisation is also working on other projects, such as the one to promote the use of solar pumps in farms, replacing diesel ones, or the one to procure financing for member countries, or those to promote the use of mini-grids.

Macron did not name Trump while speaking at the first meeting of the International Solar Alliance in New Delhi.

Most of the member countries are located in equatorial regions in Africa and the Indian Ocean.

Modi said there should be a full ecosystem for availability and development of technology, economic resources, development of storage technology, mass manufacturing and innovation.

During the summit, New Delhi also announced 27 solar projects under the Indian government's credit lines in 15 countries, including Bangladesh, Chad, Congo, Ghana, Mali, Rwanda and Sri Lanka. The volume of investments so far made by Masdar is around US$1.7 billion in global renewable energy projects, which have a capacity of about 2.7 GW.

The UAE, thanks to its wise leadership, remains steadfast in its efforts to support and deploy renewable energy solutions, particularly solar energy, both locally and internationally.

The member states agreed to facilitate joint research and Development, to consider off-grid solar applications to cater to the energy requirements of poorer and remote communities and to facilitate awareness and skills enhancement of local communities in the monitoring and maintenance of solar technologies.

"With the United States withdrawing from the Paris Agreement, there is a seat open at the head table of climate leadership and India is very well poised to take that seat".

Macron, who arrived in India Saturday on a three-day official visit, has pledged an extra €700 million ($861.5 million) for solar energy projects in developing nations.

Without directly mentioning Trump, Macron praised the "solar mamas", a group of women trained as solar engineers, saying that the women had continued their mission to promote solar energy even after "some countries decided just to leave the floor and leave the Paris Agreement".

Keeping that in mind and given the fact that the UAE - one of the ten largest oil producing countries in the world - has committed to clean energy resource development at a time when oil prices recorded over US$80 per barrel and peaked two years later at US$130 a barrel, I would like to raise a very important question: Was the UAE acting of its own volition or to meet a necessity?

"We have to ensure that a better and affordable solar technology is easily accessible to everyone", he said.

"India has launched the "world's biggest renewable energy programme with a target to generate 175 GW of electricity from renewable sources by 2022".

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