On Taylor Swift's new video

Taylor Swift Premiered “Delicate” Video During iHeartRadio Music Awards (Watch Now)

Taylor Swift Has Released A Fancy Music Video For Her Track 'Delicate'

It's kinda goofy and kinda endearing, with Taylor airing the video during a message to the iHeartRadio Awards. It was her six studio album, finally her fans got to see the track's video.

"Hey, guys, I just wanted to say thank you so much for this award".

Delicate is the fourth official single from Taylor's sixth studio album, Reputation.

We open on Swift's face, zoned out, standing on a red carpet. Aside from a handful of brief concert appearances around the holidays, Swift has gone underground. That allows her to unleash her true self without being hounded by the media.

The lyrics to "Delicate" may be inspired by Swift's current boyfriend, actor Joe Alwyn. This could easily be accidental but whatever the case Swift has fans that stand by her no matter the outcome.

One scene shows the 10-time Grammy victor practising her smile in the mirror, which quickly morphs into an abundance of laugh-out-loud-worthy silly faces. This will become important later.

CONFIRMED: taylor swift is the most precious human being ever.

Next, Swift walks into a fancy hotel lobby. But now that the dust's settled, she's ready to lead by example again, through her songs.

Looking ahead of herself, Swift is looking forward to her stadium tour launching May 8, tickets can be purchased here.

So Swift does what any pop star who's suddenly out of sight would do. At times, her real self was invisible. "In the freezing cold, she loved doing that". In "Delicate", its spiritual sequel, she redeems herself, pulling off a surprisingly elegant split on the hood of a auto.

In the final scene, soaked from the rain, she arrives at a grungy bar, holding the piece of paper.

The superpowers that Qualley and Swift have are different, too: Qualley has the ability to fly and make things explode, while Swift appears to be capable of invisibility (it'd be tough to choose between them, tbh). Even with all the perks, being one of the most powerful celebrities in the world has its drawbacks. At the beginning of the video, Taylor is talking to the press outside her hotel, when she is handed a magical note which allows her to let her hair down. Thus, the dance party. She sings about falling for someone who likes her despite her reputation: "My reputation's never been worse, so you must like me for me".

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