Google Duo gets new video and voicemail feature

Google adds a video voicemail feature to its Duo messaging app

Google Duo Just Got a Hell of a Lot More Fun With Video Messages

Moreover, you can record up to 30 seconds of a video or voice message and send it to your friend or family members. Now Duo users can leave video messages to each other.

Why Google apps overlap is a question for another day, though. If the contact which the user is trying to contact misses the call or declines it, a "Leave video message" tab will pop up. There will also be an option to leave a voice message if you prefer. However, the recipient will have the option to download the video messages if they want to hold on to them for however long they desire. More details on that here.

Unlike Google's Allo, which has struggled to find a goal in the crowded text-based messaging marketplace, Duo's video-focused objective has helped it find an audience on both iOS and Android. For Android, it's easy to see the necessity of Duo.

People aren't always available on demand when cool stuff is happening, but "you shouldn't lose the opportunity to show them what you were calling about," Google says. They can play it by tapping the sender's icon, and they can choose to call them back with a handy "Call now" button that appears after a video message. Users can sign up with their phone number and engage in video calls with anyone who also has the app installed. You can use it when other person doesn't pick up.

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