Geneva Motor Show: Renault EZ-GO concept & Talisman S-Edition

Renault's EZ-GO Concept Wants To Autonomously Shuttle You And Your Friends Around Town

Renault unveils driverless Uber-style transport system

Renault has shown how it thinks shared urban mobility could look in the future with the unveiling of its EZ-GO concept at the Geneva Motor Show.

Able to accommodate up to six passengers, the vehicle is created to be used for riding alone, with friends or family, or shared with other ride-hailing users - who would request the vehicle via a smartphone app. "Once inside, passengers can enjoy an open space for discussions, with sofa-type seating in a semicircle for more conviviality". It has a rear-axle electric motor, a 4CONTROL chassis with 4-wheel steering, active suspension that keeps the vehicle as low as possible and raises it by several centimeters if needed.

The vehicle's electric powertrain is said to borrow technology from the wider alliance and is capable of wireless induction charging.

EZ-GO's level four automation means the vehicle is able to manage its distance from the vehicle in front, stay in lane, change lanes and turn all by itself at a junction. It can also get off the road into a safe parking position if something happens nearby that it doesn't know how to deal with, either by itself or through its connectivity with a monitoring centre - and don't we wish more human could do that. Instead of side doors, it features an enormous hinged front gate that allows passengers to walk aboard, rather than sliding in as in a typical passenger auto. The vehicle revealed at the Geneva Motor Show this week is a fully autonomous electric auto that can't travel fast, but that does fit as many as six passengers through a big, nearly garage-like door that opens up to load people and goods easily.

Renault's EZ-GO Concept Wants To Autonomously Shuttle You And Your Friends Around Town

Users will be able to enjoy the privacy of having their own vehicle but also enjoy a hands-off travel experience.

The advantage, says Renault, is that it's for everybody - people who can no longer drive, people who can't drive yet or who are unable to drive. It's a auto that can be ordered through an application or through physical stations, as a shared service - you can ride alone or with a group of friends, your family or shared with strangers. "Once everybody is settled in and any luggage fastened in the reserved spots, just push the button to tell the vehicle that it can start again". There's a large screen in front of the door for sharing trip information (time to arrival, planned stops for boarding or leaving, etc.), or information about the city's services, with the passengers. And EZ-GO is not only a concept but a functioning auto!

The French brand sees the Ez-Go as the answer to the world's future mobility issues when in 2050 it claims that up to 70 per cent of the world's population is expected to live in urban environments.

If Renault's future thinkers are right, this is how we'll be getting around those cities.

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