Amazon's Alexa will no longer creepily laugh at you

Amazon Echo which responds to voice commands and answers questions can now turn compatible lights on and off control fans heaters and other devices

Alexa's laugh is scaring people; Amazon investigates

Others reported Alexa laughing when responding to other requests. Another one reported being alone with his mother when they've heard the sinister laugh coming from their Amazon Alexa who was in standby mode.

Amazon responded to requests for comment by saying that the company was aware of the issue and is now "working to fix it".

Amazon says it has exorcised Alexa, and she will no longer burst out in creepy laughter, which had freaked out some owners of Echo devices.

Alexa's laugh isn't the only thing that's freaking out users. No wonder Alexa is laughing at you.

Laughs ranged from an evil "muahaha!" to a friendlier "hahaha!"

"So my mom & I are just sitting in the living room, neither of us said a word & our Alexa lit up and laughed for no reason", another said days later. They might be able to hook those devices back up again soon: Amazon reportedly told the Verge that it was "aware of this and working to fix it". To fix the issue, Amazon is disabling that command and changing the trigger phrase to "Alexa, can you laugh?" "Please try a little later"; "I'm not sure what went wrong" and "Sorry, your Echo lost its connection".

Today Amazon said they have got to the bottom of it. People have noticed that the speakers let out a loud laughter without even being woken up by the user. And it's also possible that artificial intelligence is getting a little too intelligent. But it's unlikely that Alexa has become sentient and is intentionally frightening users with the laughs.

Company said that it is changing the order phrase to 'Alexa can you laugh?' which is likely to have false impression.

Written by Heather Kelly for CNN.

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