Teen Breaks Retainer Thirsting After Shirtless Michael B. Jordan; Actor Responds

Here's Why Michael B. Jordan Offered to Replace a Thirsty Fan's Broken Retainer

Michael B. Jordan Agrees to Help Girl Who Snapped Retainer Upon Seeing the 'Black Panther' Star Shirtless in Movie

Many are now enjoying Michael B. Jordan's performance in Black Panther as Erik Killmonger, but one fan ended up having to make an emergency orthodontist appointment after watching it, as someone shared on Tumblr (via BuzzFeed).

The record-breaking success of Black Panther has resulted in an vast show of support from moviegoers.

But that's exactly what happened after 18-year-old Sophia Robb realized her orthodontist had shared online how she snapped her retainer when Jordan took off his shirt during a fight scene with Chadwick Boseman, who plays the Black Panther.

"Wait. That girl is me".

Soon, the post went viral and made its way to Twitter and where a biracial teen named Sophia Robb confirmed, "that girl is me" on Monday, March 5. "I'm going to kill myself". After fielding numerous tweets from everything about her retainer, to her race (Sophia is mixed race with a black mother and white father), yesterday, Michael B. Jordan himself followed her on Twitter, before sending out this tweet to Sophia.

The 31-year-old "Creed" actor responded by offering to replace his fan's broken retainer.

Her response to the original tweet has since gone viral, with some on social media declaring it the "funniest thing" and naming Sophia "Today's Internet victor". "I would scream", she said. She shared a screenshot of the evidence.

For those anxious about the plight of the retainer itself, her orthodontist managed to glue it back together. She also had the chance to message him, saying "wow i just DM'ed michael b jordan".

"Since I feel partly responsible for breaking your retainers, let me know if I can replace them", replied Jordan.

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