Google Lens now live on all Android phones through Photos

Google Lens now live on all Android phones through Photos

Google Lens now live on all Android phones through Photos

Google is now working on it and as per some sources in future, the app will be backed by soo much power that it can even identify an individual as well. Subsequently, the Google Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL became the first smartphones to feature Google Lens. That being said the update is rolling out in batches and this means you may have to wait for yours. Through Google Lens, users can easily save a number from a business card in their phone as a contact or they can get access information by scanning any particular landmark. Today, Google Lens is escaping the clutches of the Pixel brand and expanding to all Android devices through the Google Photos app.

Called Google Lens, the feature was a new addition to Google's latest smartphone, which came out last October.

The Android P Developer Preview one is now official and available to download for anyone that is looking to get their hands on the latest software from Google. We were expecting the feature to roll out in a week or two but fortunately, Google lens has launched it earlier than our expectations. Primarily, the Lens is a virtual search engine which uses the phone's rear camera and tends to recognise your images - such as business cards or a dog's breed, amongst other things.

BTW, Android Pay is now Google Pay, and you can use this trick to get Google Pay to work on your Android Wear smartwatch. Google hasn't really detailed the consumer-facing new features of Android P just yet.

Lens basically works like a "smart" magnifying glass. Or, if you photograph something with an address on it, Lens will identify the address and pull up Google Maps directions, saving you from having to type it in. On the Pixel 2, the option was seen in the Google Photos and Google Assistant app. Let us know in the comments. Up until now, Lens was only available on the Pixel.

However, Google's expansion game has been playing out well as the market remains excited by the practical Lens tool in Google Photos, allowing Android users to have a taste of the AI-powered image recognition app.

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