Tillerson promoting US-Africa relations _ and damage control

2 hours ago
Tillerson to hold talks with Uhuru

US Secretary of State to discuss national dialogue economic reform with President Kenyatta

2 hours ago Tillerson to hold talks with Uhuru US Secretary of State to discuss national dialogue economic reform with President Kenyatta

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson mourned the victims of the 1998 embassy bombings and lauded today's Kenya as a "thriving country" in a speech on Tuesday hours before the start of his week-long Africa safari.

Tillerson will make stops in Ethiopia, where he'll meet with national leaders as well as with representatives of the African Union, and then Djibouti, Kenya, Chad, and Nigeria.

"This growing population of young people, if left without jobs and a hope for the future, will create new ways for terrorists to exploit the next generation, subverting stability and derailing democratic governments", Tillerson said.

The United States says Nigeria's 2019 general election and a peaceful transition in government remains its major priority.

"But the issue that comes in, it's not only a security issue - and it is a bad security challenge - but it's also political issue and really building those institutions and political dialogue between north and south, and also with the region". Ethiopia, Kenya, and Djibouti are also involved in the struggle against al-Shabaab, the terrorist organization centered in Somalia, where the US military also has assumed a limited support role.

The department explained that obviously, a lot of those African countries were still fragile democracies and the USA was trying to strengthen them.

The U.S. also noted the election of Nana Akufo-Addo in Ghana, Alassane Ouattara in Cote d'Ivoire and Macky Sall in Senegal, describing them as positive developments.

Geng said China's financing support to Africa is mainly in infrastructure and production areas.

It said it was also looking at how it could have reconciliation and dialogues between all of the different groups - the Oromos, the Amharas, the Tigrays, and also in Kenya with the opposition and with the ruling government.

The attacks on the U.S. embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam 20 years ago this August prefigured an era of terrorism in Africa, Mr Tillerson said.

But some Africa experts worry that the secretary's trip is heavy on countries where the U.S. focus is largely on battling extremist groups, like Boko Haram in Nigeria and Chad. Those are issues too that we're working in Zimbabwe with the transition between Robert Mugabe and Emmerson Mnangagwa.

"You know, the Secretary is an engineer, so he has a very scientific approach, and I'm a biochemist by background, so I think we kind of mesh together very well and we ask a lot of good questions about what is Africa going to look like in the year 2100 and beyond?"

Aside other issues in Nigeria, the Nigerian Senate new bill which states that 'Hate speech offenders will die by hanging, ' has raised condemnations from concerned Nigerians against the All Progressives-led Federal Government.

INEC said the partnership is focused on building capacity of its staff ahead of the election scheduled to hold in February 2019.

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