London's Cold Snap Left 20000 Homes Without Running Water

   CONCERN The charity was swamped with worried calls from friends and neighbours

PA CONCERN The charity was swamped with worried calls from friends and neighbours

The recent snowstorms in the United Kingdom, which ground planes, stopped trains, blocked roads and shut schools, also resulted in frozen pipes.

Customers have complained they have been unable to register outages with Thames Water as the helpline is unavailable.

Unfortunately we are unable to say at this stage when supplies will return to normal.

Can affected customers claim compensation from their water supplier?

Customers are still being told to take short showers instead of baths, not to leave taps "running unnecessarily", and to "only run washing machines and dishwashers when you have a full load".

They said they are putting as much extra water as possible into local networks and fixing leaks and bursts as quickly as possible.

Anyone who sees a leak can report it to South East Water on their interactive map where you will also find updates on supply issues in their area.

Councillors at the Kent flood risk management meeting today criticised South East Water for its handling of the situation.

Tens of thousands in London were left without water or with low water pressure over the weekend as utility firms worked to fix leaking pipes.

Tina Callaghan, who is disabled, had also come to collect bottled water and said: "You can't go to the toilet, you can't make tea".

"Our teams are working hard to prioritise services for vulnerable customers and stand up locations from which our customers can collect bottled water".

In the joint statement, water companies said they "sincerely apologise" to those experiencing problems.

A tweet from the Dunraven School in Lambeth said: "We'd hoped things would have been resolved by now".

The cold snap and subsequent thaw has put extreme pressure on the water network and caused burst pipes across the south east region.

A number of water handout points have been set up in London to provide the worst affected people with fresh water.

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