Dana White: Very Good Chance Brock Lesnar Returns To UFC

There can now be no doubt that Roman Reigns will be the figurehead of WWE going forward

There can now be no doubt that Roman Reigns will be the figurehead of WWE going forward

However, according to Den of Geek, Lesnar's meeting with White and his absence from RAW is probably a negotiating ploy in order to beef up his next contract with WWE.

Whether Brock Lesnar and Dana White can come to an agreement is yet to be determined, and there are many other things that would have to fall in place to make this happen. When Lesnar agreed to the contract that he's now serving, there was a clause that allows WWE to book him for additional dates for more money if they used up the agreed amount. I'd love to see him.

Paul Heyman announced that Lesnar would be going face-to-face with the Elimination Chamber victor on the post-PPV Raw but instead we got a fantastic Roman Reigns promo saying that Lesnar wasn't there.

It is no secret that Brock Lesnar's status with WWE beyond this year's WrestleMania has been up in the air for some time now but the events of this past week surrounding Lesnar, have been gripping to say the least. His current contract with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) comes to an end in April and the UFC is obviously interested in bringing him back to the Octagon.

Ronda Rousey has gotten a lot of people talking about WWE as of late, and it looks like she's being set up for a mixed tag team match at WrestleMania 34.

Brock Lesnar may be back in the UFC sooner rather than later.

This year, the rumblings are stronger than ever.

White teased the return of Lesnar when he posted a picture of him and the wrestling star and confirmed the snap was taken in Las Vegas this week. He doesn't respect any of you. The promotion has had a hard time getting fans on the side of Reigns.

WWE has yet to issue an official confirmation regarding Lesnar's future in the coming Wrestlemania 34. It all adds up to an intriguing storyline heading into WrestleMania.

However, there was one problem, which was the fact that Lesnar didn't appear and WWE had Reigns cut a promo in the ring about how Lesnar does what he wants when he wants.

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