2 weeks later: Students return to Florida high school after mass shooting

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So it's going to be very hard for us.

A combination of verbal and social media threats and warnings circulated around Central York High School Tuesday, Feb. 20, and students were given the option to go home early. "I feel like it s more protected than any other school at this point". But most kids did show up, eager to resume some sort of normal routine, as NPR's Greg Allen reports.

GREENE: Just listening to that voice there - I mean, this is not about going and picking up, like, where you left off in class work.

"In the beginning, everyone was super serious, but then everyone cheered up and it started being the same vibes we had before the shooting".

"While we wholeheartedly respect every individual's right to peaceful assembly and free expression, our top priority is to provide a safe teaching and learning environment for all, so having large numbers of students walking off campus would pose a significant safety risk for students", the statement said.

"They were all hoping that the lessons learned disseminated out to all the other institutions", Brooks said. Leftover money will go towards buying new computers and cameras. And the - one of the first things will be to find out where your class'll be that were in that building. I am so proud of Bradley University for joining this long and growing list of universities who support these courageous students. It really won't be about learning.

Now, in 2018, it seems that nothing has been done to put an end to these horrific shootings, and they just seem to be getting worse.

ALLEN: Runcie said in recent days, many students have told him they were eager to return.

GREENE: What is what is their mood, I mean, these students as they're arriving this morning?

Samantha Grady, who was shot twice, said the return symbolizes strength, "showing that we are overcoming this tragedy". "We don't know where students stand on the matter". There's grievance counselors there. "I think therapy dogs are the best medicine". I can take down buildings. You know, the juniors have SATs coming up soon, AP exams, the kind of stuff that you do in high school, typically.

As classes resumed, Dick's Sporting Goods, a major USA retailer, announced that it would immediately halt sales of assault-style rifles and high-capacity magazines at all of its stores and ban the sale of all guns to anyone under 21.

A Florida House of Representatives appropriations committee approved a bill that would increase the minimum age to purchase a firearm from 18 to 21. March. The time has come for meaningful change - let's remember that we are also not invincible in the face of forces of evil. And what the - what Dick's has done today is taking that a step maybe even further, saying, we're not - it's not about the NRA; it's about these kind of guns, these high-powered semi-automatic weapons, not selling those - the high-capacity clips. Students, teachers, parents and anyone else who wants to attend are invited to come out to talk about the current safety situations at Flagstaff area schools. "Students will not be penalized if they want to take part".

Todd said he doesn't think stricter guns is the answer to curb the nation's gun violence problem.

British newspaper columnist Dan Hodges gave his two cents on the USA gun debate back in 2015, with a depressing tweet about the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school that pretty much summed up the gun arguments going on at the time. A few of them got very choked up and emotional.

GREENE: Sounds like a bell ringing. It's nice to hear that.

Stoneman Douglas freshman Sarah Crescitelli, hunkered down with 40 of her classmates in a drama class and texted her mother: "If I don't make it, I love you".

The students' social media post about their hosting effort has been shared thousands of times, including by Parkland, Florida, high school students dealing with the intense emotional fallout of the February 14 shooting rampage. Greg, thanks. We really appreciate it.

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